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Spring Select Program



Did you miss the Spring Select Information Session? Please 

This program is an AYSO travel team for players in the 10U-19U divisions. These teams play in games and tournaments across Southern California. It is a great way for the players to improve their skills as soccer players in a fun and competitive environment. The purpose of this team is to allow those players who have demonstrated skilled soccer ability and who have displayed an attitude for fair play, enthusiasm and cooperative team spirit to participate on a team of players who have similar qualifications. 

Practices will begin in December and the season will end in June/July, 2024.  Tryouts are not held for spring select, the select coach is able to choose the players for their team. 
Spring Select-Area Play for 10s/12s/14s runs from Feb thru mid-April, 2023 
Spring Select for Upper Division teams does not participate in Area Play. These teams go straight to tournament play after High School CIF period.


Participation on this team requires an increased commitment from both parents and players, including attendance at all practices and games as well as a sense of responsibility toward coaches and other team members.  This team will compete in league play with neighboring regions as well as in tournaments.  These tournaments might include travel on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The team is financially self-supporting,  fund-raising will be required for each player and parents are expected to participate.  

All coaches will be given the opportunity to submit an application to coach in the Spring Select Program. Coach candidates must meet or exceed the training requirements of the coach program and have coached in the most current fall season, ideally in the division requesting.

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This is the link for the Spring Select Coach Application

Current Fall 2023 Head Coaches in 10U-19U are eligible to fill out this form for a 2024 Spring Select team. Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be chosen as a Spring Select Coach. The Executive Board Members review all applications and the Regional Commissioner approves their final decision. The RC, Select Coordinator, and Executive Board reserve the right to approve or deny coaches.

Questions about the application process? Email [email protected]

<<<  Parent feedback in player selection is not allowed  >>>

UPPER DIVISION: The Coach application is due October 5, 2023 no later than 11:59pm.
Coaches will be notified of the Spring Select Committee results no later than 10/8/2023.

10s/12s/14s: The Coach application is due October 12, 2023 no later than 11:59pm.
Coaches will be notified of the Spring Select Committee results no later than 10/15/2023.

Check your email regularly as ALL communication will be conducted via e-mail

***Minimum requirements for any coach in the spring program are as follows***


Minimum Coach Certification Level Requirements


U-10 Coach


U-12 Coach


Intermediate Coach


Advanced Coach


Advanced Coach

Important Dates:
Week of Nov 27, Uniform Fitting, 1st half of payment due
Week of Dec 18, 2nd half of payment due


To be eligible to participate in the Spring Select program a player must be registered in the 10U-19U divisions during the fall 2023 season and must have played no less than 50% of regular season games. Special consideration will be made for players who were injured, had illnesses, or game cancellation due to rain/weather.

All interested 10U-19U head coaches in the Fall2023 season who meet the following prerequisites are eligible apply:
-Be a current registered AYSO volunteer.
-Be certified to coach in the division they will be coaching. Exception-10U division, the coach must be 12U certified
-Have current (completed within the last 2 years) AYSO Safe Haven, CDC concussion training, Cardiac Arrest, Safe Sport certification, Live Scan
-Have at least 1 year of coaching experience
-Be in good standing with Region 5823 with no previous disciplinary issues.
-Be able to follow the Spring Select guidelines and AYSO Philosophies.

A high level of commitment is expected from the coaches, players, and the parents.  Other obligations that must be disclosed is if players are involved in other sports and activities. Parents will be required to volunteer at the Region 583 hosted tournament in May.  ALL your certified referees are required to be available to referee-NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The Spring Select program can start practicing in December2023. For 10s/12s/14s, the Area Play period usually runs from February through Mar/Apr. The season is typically comprised of 10 games, half of which are at home and the rest of the games are away in surrounding AYSO Regions in the Inland Empire.  Games are on Saturdays. At the end of the select season the top teams will participate in playoffs.
Spring Select teams will also compete in AYSO Soccer tournaments. Typically teams can participate in 5-10 tournaments, the number of tournaments entered depends on team funds and coach decision.  Each team is self-funded, teams will need to find sponsors, fundraise or collect money to pay for tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is AYSO Spring Select Program?
A: This program is an opportunity for interested players to improve their skills in a more competitive environment following the Fall season. It is open only to players who registered and participated in at least 50 percent of the Fall 2023 Season in the 10U-19U divisions.

Q: How are players selected?
A: Coaches that have been selected for the division will scout the players. The coaches then meet and “draft” players for their division to develop teams. Remember that each coach is looking for different things, and it is a very subjective process. Factors that often play a part in selection includes skill, sportsmanship, team participation, speed, effort, an understanding of the game, attendance and participation in fall training, positional needs of the team and team chemistry. Availability for training sessions and a family volunteer commitment also play a role. While it is true that not all players are able to be placed on teams, AYSO Region 583 supports developing as many teams as possible based on the number of available coaches and the total number of registrations. To be eligible to participate in the Spring Select program a player must be registered, and must have participated, in the prior Fall Season no less than 50% of regular season matches. Rained-out games are included as games played, and players must meet regional playing time guidelines (currently three-quarters of each fall game).

Q: How many teams are formed?
A:  The Spring Select Committee weighs many different things in determining the number of team, including maximizing the numbers of players involved while keeping the experience focused on skill development in a more competitive environment. The number of teams also depends on the number of qualified volunteer coaches.

Q: How are coaches selected?
A: All interested coaches who have coached in the Fall must fill out an online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE detailing their experience and acknowledgement of the commitments if selected. All head coaches and  assistant coaches must have the completed the appropriate coaching class level to their age group, AYSO's Safe Haven training, CDC concussion training, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Safe Sport.  No exceptions will be made to this rule. Coaches should have completed the appropriate coach training at the time of application.  The Select Committee reviews the applications and available reviews from prior seasons to determine the coaches that are most appropriate.

Q: If my child is chosen to play in Spring Select, what should I expect?
A: First and foremost, you should expect the Six Philosophies of AYSO (Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development) to be followed at all times. All players will play a minimum of 50% of all games. You should also expect more distant away games, as typically AYSO 583, South Ontario teams will play other Spring Select teams from nearby Regions: Area B: Chino Hills, Chino, Claremont, Diamond Bar | Area U: Walnut, Covina, Heights, San Dimas.

Q: Will the Spring Select Program consume my family’s life?
A: The Select season lasts 7-8 months – it is a long commitment. However, the weekly time commitment is similar to the fall season. There will be two trainings a week and games will be on Saturdays for Area Play, from February thru April, approximately. Trainings begin in December.  From April through June/July, the teams will play in tournaments. These are generally a weekend commitment. Most teams play 4-10 tournaments. Some tournaments may require hotel stays – these are really FUN! Lodging and meal accommodations are the responsibility of each family. It should be noted that parents are required to actively participate and help with various volunteer activities to make the Spring Select season a success. 

Q: If my child plays for Select, what is his/her and our family’s commitment?
A: A high level of commitment is expected from coaches, players, and the parents during the Select season. If a coach is selected and a player is chosen for the Spring Select, it is expected that they will commit to the program for the duration of the season. Other obligations (e.g., other sports, jobs, after-school activities) MUST be told to the coach. While some players are involved in other sports, for the good of the team, the Spring Select program requires that training sessions and games take AT LEAST equal precedence with other sports. In addition to the players commitment, parents are required to actively participate in the team by holding a required role.

Q:  How much travel is involved to participate in Spring Select?
There are usually about 8-10 regular season  games. Half of the games are at Chino and the other half in our sister Area in Covina/Walnut. Tournament travel is similar but can be farther, popular AYSO tournaments might be in San Diego, Ventura County and Arizona.

Q: What will the Spring Select season cost?
A: Registration costs will be more than the fall season. Upfront cost is for uniforms. Uniform packets will be around $200 or less. Team fees can vary depending on the number of tournaments a team decides to play, etc. Participation in tournaments may also incur lodging, transportation, and food costs, which are the responsibility of each family.  However, teams will always work to find ways to make this as affordable as possible for everyone. there are indefinite possibilities to participate in fundraisers, lowering the cost to each family.

Q: Is Spring Select soccer very different from Fall soccer?

A: As in Fall soccer, the AYSO philosophies (Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development) still apply and Spring Select is played for fun. Most Spring Select players simply want to play a longer season with other players who love to play. The main traits of Spring Select players is that they like to play soccer, like to hang out with friends playing soccer, and have energy and enthusiasm for the game. Players will develop faster and more because they play for an extra six months.

Q:What if my child has not played Spring Select before or was not selected previously?
 This in no way excludes your child from playing this year.  Also, please understand that if your child played on a select or Extra team in a previous season this does not guarantee a spot for the upcoming select season. Coaches are at liberty to choose who they see fit for their team.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have any other questions?
A: For other questions or concerns, please email the Select Coordinator, at [email protected].  

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